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Organizational Background

Work Friendly for peace organization (WFPO) is a nongovernmental, non-political and nonprofits organization. This organization works in line with NGOs rule and regulation of Ministry of Economy – Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.The work for peace organization is nonprofits, nongovernmental organization.WFPO established in Peshawar, Pakistan at 1993 by group of devoted Afghan women, by the name of Relief Organization for Afghan Orphans & Widows (R.O.A.O.W). Largely focused its services to the widows in mostly Afghan refugee camps inside Pakistan to support the refugee women in order to secure their right and Reduced the  risk of human right violation at decade of war  .ROAOW had working Experience with Local community to develop relation Among the local and refugees communities in order to bring the safe environment .After some years of delivering of its services in Pakistan, in 1994, it shifted its office in Jalalabad where it started providing services to the deserving widows in Nangarhar  province. The Canadian Fund supported ROAOW at financial and technical Approaches of project intervention Read More


Pace Project from Afghan Civil society Organization

Network for Peace at ghor province

The celebration of world peace day has been magnificent celebrated at one of the hotel in Ghoor province, so the lunch served as well for them, and (the participants) were the honor deputy governor, the members of peace council, the members of provincial council, the Director of government offices, and more then hundred persons of women affairs departments and more of families, students, the numbers of women’s and men’s polices, the honour mullahs and other local men were participated.  


Pace Project from Afghan Civil society Organization

Network for Peace at Zabul province

The celebration of world peace day in the women affairs office’s hall of Zabul province has been magnificent celebrated and also the gift presented for women, (the participants) and whole people welcomed the program of peace in this province, the honour mullah’s and provincial council, peace council, women affairs office, school students, families, and local men were participated in this program of peace.  



To develop peace groups and build their capacity within the community which can assume responsibility for and manage reduces conflicts, among others; To support the delivery of and increase access to quality basic services such as health, education, and sanitation;  To facilitate the delivery of high quality education, vocational training and capacity development programs at the grassroots level;    To reduced the risks of Violence against women Discrimination by providing awareness mainstreaming programs and Mobilization. To advocate and present the concerns of vulnerable and marginalized people to national and international policy makers.

  1. Develop and strengthen the peace movement. Strengthening political participation.
  2. The structure and raising the capacity of resources towards health education.
  3. Welfare fighting against violence and conflict and strengthening women’s intellectual growth for the institutionalization of democracy.
  4. Sassy growth and justice for women’s participation in decision making. Empower to justice for women and children in a comprehensive require persons.
  5. Improving education and training manual for women empowerment participation professions
  6. Structure of authority and responsibility.

Key areas of work:

WFPO aims to be national in scope and to eventually cover all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Main office of the organization is located in Kabul will elaborate it is operation to Northeast Regions of Afghanistan and will soon spread it is activities and services throughout the country,

WFPO meet with...:

WFPO meeting with Noorudin Bakhshe Jeremy Kelly from London Time news regard advocacy for women a woman came to us from baghlan province that had family problem case, we tried to pass her massage to media and relative sections and we are working to help her.


Potential of... :

 Potential of (wfpo): Based on WFP O’s staff experience and the needs of communities, WFP O is also considering expanding its work in the areas of education, Peace building Trainings, community envelopment, sanitation, capacity development and research.  Read More

Sources of funding

WFP O’s activities are funded by a number of donors as well as International NGOs. Canada fund and WFP O has received funding ,From PRB

Organizational Strategy:

WFP O’s uses project cycle management tools in the design, implementation and evaluation of its projects. This approach involves engaging with local communities in the design of projects and using their feedback to improve existing and future activities. This also ensures that the projects are implemented in a transparent, accountable and impartial manner. As part of the project management approach, WFP O ensures that monitoring and evaluation are a core component of every stage of a project, and that implementation and impact are measured against verifiable indicate ,


  1. WFPO is currently focusing on public awareness in Justice and rule of law and advocate and support Afghan.
  2. We are working on research of afghan women activity, achievements, problems and their issues had since 8th March 2011 till 8th March 2012.
  3. By end of our research we will publish an advocacy book and will have awareness campaign for schools (both boys and girls schools) and universities.
  4. The high level of government,